Steampunk and Imaginary Girls

I just made my move to WordPress, and the site had already set an example blog post, an example page, and an example comment in my blog, with the first of which being titled, “Hello World”. Honestly, I feel that anyone who’d still use such a title in our time is either retarded or naively living in his own ‘happy place’.

The layout of the site isn’t bad. It’s neat, looks professional, but it’s the one that makes me feel like something is missing – not blogger. It lacks that sense of style that distinguishes me as a teenager from the duller aspects of society that are balding middle-aged businessmen too focused on capitalizing the world to notice their shriveled little wanker. So to speak.

In short, my blog might look boring without the vividness of Blogger. The idea they had, however, is probably to create individuality through my words rather than through my blog skin – hence the site title. Moving on then.

So I’ve been working on a fan fiction based on the anime, K-On! recently. It’s been worked on for nearly a month now, yet little progress was made due to the anxieties from school. Excuses, maybe, but I’d still prefer to work this through on my own pace and time. They say that any fiction – even fanmade ones – are meant for the audience, not for yourself. But I write because I have something to say, my vision, ideas and views communicated through story form to the world. Whether they like it or not didn’t really matter to me at first as long as I have said my piece. Even now, this thinking remains, and I might just fail as a writer – and a person. That’s why I needed to make my writing great, so that I could make people read and ‘SNAP’, they’re ensnared in my trap and have read my piece. Selfish reasons, yes, but the Internet happens to be a very selfish world. The Real World is another story.

I treat my real life friends quite well, contrary to how I treat the Internet folks. Most people dwelling on the net are either assholes or slackers. The rest who are not ‘dwelling’ happen to use the net for casual reasons. They log in and log out quickly rather than spend several hours masturbating off XVideos and Tube8.

Enough ranting.

What happened yesterday:
Another cool hang out with my friends last night. I enjoy spending time with my real life friends a lot recently, mostly because I’m one of those ‘dwellers’ of the net, never really taking the time out to ‘play outside’. I happen to be a slacker. And yes, to some extent, an asshole. Nothing is wrong with being an asshole on the net, though, as there’s the good kind of asshole who defends his territory offensively and the bad kind who’s just ruining people’s lives. More on that another time.

We went off to look at some jewelries (or as Guo Wei calls it, “accessories”) – rings, to be exact – not that I was really interested in adorning metal pieces through my fingers. Some of those jewelri accessories do look awesome, however, with pictures of Predator, grenades, and the like hanging from them. I wouldn’t mind wearing articles of clothing that represents my interests and stuff. Yet, wearing a ring still feels weird for me.

When it comes to making myself look cool, I’m more old-school. A black jacket over a white shirt. A pair of shades over my eyes or a pair of goggles over my head. Brown pants with black shoes. A pair of wristbands like those of O’Connell from “The Mummy”… or at least I think he wore wristbands.

Speaking of those goggles, check this baby out:

Freaking cool and sleek

If I have these babies, I don't need any ring in the world.






Steampunk goggles FTW.

I recently got into the fashion style when I began thinking about the anime, “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” the other day. FMA ain’t steampunk – I know – it just reminded me of it. Regardless, I love their clothing the moment I did a search on it.

From thieves to pilots to top-hat gentlemen thinking themselves as the commandeer of the world – how could you not like them?

So about that fan fiction. I’ve already told several peeps what the story is about, but for those interested, here’s the rundown:
Akiyama Mio is a character in the anime K-On!, and a writer uses her as a character in his K-On! fan fiction. Yes, that writer is me. He writes her off to be involved in several rather distressing anxieties in her school, gets her to fall in love with a boy, and have several conflicts with her bestfriend, Tainaka Ritsu.

However, later in the story, she finds out that all of these are a fictitious fabrication conjured by a man none other than myself. If you find out that your troubles at school, your love for a boy, and your family and friends are written for pure entertainment of others, I dare you not to break down. Make that a double dare.

As she slowly accepts her fictitious nature in my world, the supposed ‘real world’, the question of what is real is posed to not only Mio and her friends, but the writer himself, especially when his bestfriend finds out about this ‘ability’ to control another universe simply by writing. The focus of the story would be – how would you know a God is not controlling your lives? Who is writing your story?

As to why I chose Mio, it was initially because she was cute and mature – or so I thought. She turned out to be a masochistic slut who secretly enjoys the tortures of her friends and not murmur a word about it – or so Kyoto Animation made her out to be in Season Two of K-On! that has an additional exclamation mark added to the title. How creative. That’s why I wanted to change the character for the better, to shape her to be the person she initially was back in Season One, when I still like her.

But not too long ago, I played a choose-your-path adventure game revolving round a nerd and his future self. He never get dates – like me – and he has a crush on a cute girl – like me, sorta. But when his future self asked him if he truly loves the girl, I chose the option, “No” because it was obvious that it was pure infatuation we are dealing with here. The response the future self and I get goes something like, the girl the nerd has a crush on is actually just someone he imagines her to be. A fantasy, if you will, and not someone she, as a person, as a human being, truly is.

Even if we disregard Season Two Mio, Season One Mio is still nothing like the Mio I want her to be. I actually imagined her to be more… pure, more virtuous, willing to take the humiliation her friends put her through because she loves her friends. The real Mio seems more hypocritical than that. Then again, the truth is relative. The KyoAni Mio is the original Mio, but that doesn’t necessarily makes her the ‘real’ Mio. If that makes any sense to you.

Well, I’ve been writing for about an hour and a half, and I think this has been quite a read for you. I’d probably have more stuff to rant about tomorrow, but who knows. Life seems to have quite a few unexpected surprises planned ahead for me.


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